Hats off to Matina, Faisal and Shantanu!

Our pupils already became acquainted with “Discover” project, last summer (we called it “The Summer School in English Language”), when volunteer students from all over the world held activities and games in English with our primary and secondary school pupils, for two weeks.


The project seeks not only to promote a qualitative education, tolerance, multiculturalism, English language, but also to support the UNO goals, such as the fight against poverty and hunger, gender equality, peace and justice, health, etc.

What is different from the summer session is that, this time, three volunteer students, Matina (Greece, 19), Faisal (India, 26) and Shantanu (India, 26) have been working four hours a day, for four weeks, to teach our primary and secondary school pupils, positive values through games and activities, to make them aware of our environment, to teach them how to be united, tolerant, to be helpful and respectful towards other cultures.

Furthermore, the three volunteers set a good example of honesty, leadership, successful young people and why not, volunteering.

We are grateful to them and to AIESEC, The Students’ Association who created this project. We hope that their effort will be cherished and their message will be carried on by our pupils to future generations.

The teachers from the English Department

Onisifor Ghibu High School, Oradea


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