Wholehearted. Bravehearted. Heartbreaking

Braveheart is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen where the protagonist fights for his beloved ones. The scene that I enjoyed the most in the whole movie was Wallace’s execution. Although this part is heartbreaking, it showed his bravery and love for his people and how determined he was to die for his country’s freedom. I recommend this movie wholeheartedly. (BRIANA)

I like the love story between William Walace and his wife. She was very beautiful, kind and she loves him so much until the end. The war had a powerful impact upon both countries. (DELIA)

I’ve enjoyed so much this film and I think this is the perfect way to show what loyalty really is and how much people love freedom and living for the best. The actors were really playing their role and I felt exactly like I would be there. This movie made me thinking more about the decisions I take so I could be happier while living my best and keep my ideas strong. (NURIA)

It is a historical film in which the courage and desire for freedom of the characters can be observed. The fight scenes, costumes and music are all great and Mel Gibson does a remarkable job both as an actor and director. (DENISA)

The best thing in my opinion was the wish that Wallace had to be freedom and his country to be happy. I enjoy watching this movie, because it showed what loyalty really means. I think Wallace is a model for everyone because he showed perseverance. Also when he died, he died proud and dignified. I think he deserved better. This movie taught me to never give up. (DIANA Sc.)

My favourite part of the movie is when William Wallace had the bravery to fight for his love till the death. After she dies, William wanted to fight for her with all his friends and he successfully won the battle and proved to all that he is very courageous. After all these things, all Scotland knew that William Wallace was indeed a very brave heart. (DENNIS)

What I liked most was the fact that after the enemies killed his wife, he realized they need freedom and Wallace fought for it till his end. And he was still holding the gift from her. (VANESSA)

It is not my type of movie, because it has too much violence, but I like William’s courage and how he didn’t give up. (IASMINA)

My favourite part of the movie was the love story at the beginning, because it showed his soft side and how he only wanted a simple happy life. The story built up after his love was taken away from him. And also because it gave him the reason he fought so hard and killed people mercilessly. (RALUCA)

First of all, I was amazed how loyal and patriot William Walace was. He had many battles and fights where he showed bravery and loyalty for his country, Scotland. Even when he was on the death row and captured by the British, he showed how brave he really was. He would do anything for freedom. He also had a very dark past, because his parents died when he was young. (DAVID)

This was a really good movie, which explains that you can have all the gold in the world, but without freedom, that gold is nothing. I really like the strength that Wallace displayed at the end of the film, when he doesn’t beg for mercy and screams “Freedom!” and made the people beg the king for his mercy. (ADA)

What I like about the movie Braveheart was that William Wallace even in his last moments showed courage in front of his people and never let his guard down, even with his life at stake. (DIANA So.)

For my taste, this movie contained too much violence, but the message that it inspires is very heart touching. I like that William, even in his last moments, doesn’t want to give up his freedom. What I adore most about it is that he fights to revenge his lost beloved one and for the freedom of his country. (CĂTĂLINA)

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