Erasmus – For the sake of well-being

With the ultimate purpose in mind that educational systems and societies on the whole have to deliver healthy, happy, educated, strong, responsible and prepared for life individuals, Erasmus manages once again to provide educators with the right kind of training: how to deal with sensitive phenomena such as cyberbullying, a newly emerged version of bullying.

Offered by Anatolia Education, the Cyberbullying course in beautiful Antalya, Turkey, attended by twelve teachers from Onisifor Ghibu National College, Oradea, including myself, definitely proved to be an eye-opener. Some of us may have been oblivious to the dire consequences of bullying and cyberbullying, but these five days of intense training raised awareness of this worrying social issue, engendered debate, elicited solutions and furnished methods and tools. All in the company of a great trainer, Hasene Gündoğdu, whose thorough knowledge, “free-style” approach and charismatic personality made the whole experience an engaging and memorable one.

Picture source: Luminita Dubau personal photo collection

What exactly did we discover or discuss?

• what bullying is and causes of bullying

• how to identify behavioral red flags in victims

• the long-term impact of bullying and cyberbullying on victims

• the concept of digital footprint

• defending self-management skills

• how to build a positive classroom environment

• how to respond to bullying as teachers

• the importance of enforcing a school policy plan on how to prevent and deal with bullying.

What made those five days memorable, was the fact we had to design, create, imagine, solve, etc. Working side by side with my fellow teachers was not only stimulating, but also very enjoyable. We had to write the script and act in a short play, design a board game, create posters, discuss relatable case scenarios and many more, all representing super-practical activities that we can take to class and organize with our students.

Picture source: Luminita Dubau personal photo collection

Not only the atmosphere during the course was inviting, but the location as well. Antalya is a place where the sea, beach, sun, majestic mountains, waterfalls, fragrances and astounding local culture and history, took us a little unprepared. Turkey was generous to us in all respects: professionally, culturally and personally.

Special thanks to Hasene, our trainer, and Anatolia Education, but also to our project coordinator Lucia Cighir, whose work and vision continue to yield long-term benefits for students and teachers alike. Looking forward to having another such enriching experience. Maybe next summer…



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