Quiet scream

I’m an adult, and I need more time now.

I’m in the period of my life when I start to see some changes in my responsibilities and the importance of my time which I didn’t care about back in the days. right now my time is so important that when I waste a bit of it I’m feeling truly disappointed and sad, but why?

I gave it some thought and concluded that this might mean the beginning of adult life, which is pretty scary.
We, the twelfth grade, have so much work to do these days and its really tiring, not only the final exam of Baccalaureate takes our time but also, for the majority of us, the admission which we have to study for deeply to be able to get in the university we want. Its really important cause now our future is in our hands and some of us don’t know what it might bring and that’s not a problem, we still have time to decide but its pretty stressful to decide your future career when you don’t really learn anything about careers in school.

What I’m trying to say with this is that adult life might seem pretty repulsive for now, and some more time would really help.

My biggest problem prestly is that I’m wasting some of my time going to physical school for classes that are not that important right now and so I can’t prioritize what’s more important in my schedule.

I’ll be honest, I’m skipping some days at school when I know that I don’t have important classes and I wake up early just to study for the big exam but I can’t really do that often cause I get absences and I can’t motivate all of them.

I want to be able to focus on what’s a priority for it bothers me when I waste some hours at school by just sitting there and I could be studying for admission or Baccalaureate. I’m not saying the teachers don’t let us study either but it’s complicated, almost impossible for some of us to study in class. It is distracting and noisy and we can’t do it properly.

I’m satisfied with my high school right now and the fact that I’m not doing online classes anymore but it bugs me to waste my time sometimes and I wanted to put this out there because I know that I’m not the only one with this issue.

Let this be our quiet scream of emotional discharge.



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