Technology wall

Last week I received a mail announcing that I got the job I’ve applied for, at an international company which works with people from all over the world.

My job now is to travel the world and represent the company in different countries. I’ve been dreaming of working for this company since highschool, but I’ve been told that because of this pandemic I have to work remotely.

I was disappointed at first, but here are my thoughts after the first week.

My first meeting was with a German gentleman. I speak German fluently, but his Internet connection wasn’t great, he couldn’t hear me properly and I ended up telling him by mistake that he shouldn’t work with us because we kill cows, which we don’t.

I was devastated. My boss understood, though. He said that the German man laughed a few days about this incident. He wasn’t mad. Lucky me!

I also had two little appointments, namely the meetings with the commercial team, and I couldn’t share my ideas properly because of this technology wall. It as hard for me to stand out and grab my colleagues’ attention. I believe this is something that I have to work on. I won’t complain. I will make this a challenge for myself. I will work on my weakness.

Maybe this is not what I expected from this company, but it might be what’s best for me.



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