Going incognito

My first week of working from home has just come to an end and it seems that I can already draw some clear-cut conclusions regarding my new position of employment. That is, most definitely, due to the fact it is nothing like my previous jobs.

Initially, I was very enthusiastic about a flexible and breezy work environment, being under the impression that it would motivate me more towards meeting my deadlines. However, my eagerness slowly faded when I was faced with a frigid and impersonal experience. The work you put in receives little to no actual feedback in the rushed emails you get and there is no physical social interaction between you and your colleagues. As a result, the overall atmosphere of the workplace doesn’t truly encourage you to do your best, thanks to the understandable lack of attention towards our social nature.

Sadly, this makes me feel like nothing more than a cog in a machine that I can’t even see before my eyes, my effort going incognito through the cables that poorly connect me, and the others, to our purpose.

Towards the end of the week, I began to notice that in my case, the fact that I was so close to the things I associate with relaxation, didn’t help much either. This made it impossible for me to separate my job from my home, making me feel guilty for not working during my free time and thus, robbing me of my productivity during the work hours. I suppose that the peer pressure and the boring office we work in aren’t that bad after all, considering they motivate us to get things done faster so that we can go home and let our hair down.

In conclusion, I am certain that all my points are debatable, but judging from a subjective standpoint, so far I don’t enjoy working remotely. Nonetheless, I am aware that it takes time to accommodate to a new situation and I will stay clear of the congested nine to five labor market for now.

Maybe after a few more weeks, working from home will actually become my dream job.



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