VIVIANA: The Rise of the Machines

This is not a subject that I would usually talk about. But it’s everywhere around me. I can’t keep ignoring it.

So, today I’ll gather all my knowledge and figure out my own opinion about AI and machines taking over our lives.

I might be an “old schooler”, but I don’t like entrusting my own work to other people’s hands, let alone a robot which lacks sense. I agree that some of them might be useful in some fields and I did my research to learn about it and to keep an open mind.

Apparently, health care is at the top of the list and I’m not surprised by that fact. People’s life span has been increasing due to the fact that diseases are easier to be spotted and there is treatment available for most of them. Other fields impacted by the robots are agriculture and food preparation.

It is said that AI is going to be the last invention of mankind because it’ll be the one that will convince us that we don’t need anything else. It’ll fulfill our desires. Red Hot Chili Peppers were singing in 1999 “Space may be the final frontier but it’s made in a Hollywood basement”. 20 years later and space doesn’t seem that far away. Films with a fat budget could really send their actors in space for a glorious scene. So, we will stop inventing because we have everything people were seeing only in SF movies.

As a side note, the first SF movie appeared in 1902, “Le Voyage la Lune”, and in the movie a spacecraft was launched to the moon – that became reality in 1969.

Next is Mars and there will be no more SF movies.

I do believe AI is posing a threat to human species because what I consider valuable in life will no longer be interesting for people. I think that all the empathy will be long forgotten.  Singing songs to your kids and teaching them to cook will be the new SF. YouTube and self-making food sounds very appealing even now, let alone the new generations. So, from my point of view, the traits that I would like to see in humans will be exceedingly rare and that for me is a loss.

It should be easy to do an exercise of imagination. But in this case it’s very hard for me because all my life I’ve imagined my life in the most modest way, where I do my own work with my hands. Even so, I’ll still have to use some machines like: refrigerator, washing machine. I have to be honest. It is useful, because one keeps the food fresh for longer and the other one is helpful because washing clothes can be a burden, in particular in winter time. And the biggest invention – the computer, as it is lifesaving.

If I were to imagine, I can see only chaos. People are already freaking about having their temperature scanned as they don’t want their data to be given to the companies. Population is easily scared by fake news.

We are not capable to entrust our lives to robots. Skepticism will rise and it will lead to fear.

The next step is violence.


viviana rad


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