ADA URS: I understand now

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to get my eyes opened about what’s happening today, about the fact that we are all controlled. I’ve watched a documentary about technology named “Do you trust this computer?”, released this year, 2018, by Chris Pain.

ada urs


Before I watched this I had a vague idea about the technology, of course I knew it’s a bad thing but I didn’t expect to be that bad. I expected a basic and plain documentary about the fact that we shouldn’t sit on our phones all day etc. So I wasn’t really excited to watch it because I already hear this things from my parents. But no, it wasn’t what I thought at all, pretty much the opposite. From the day I’ve watched it I keep believing day by day that’s so accurate. But why?

Well, the subject is about the real side of technology and about the fact that we are too slow for it but also way more powerful because we gave life to this beast, the Artificial Intelligence, known as AI which was made by the university of California.

The research also shows that we are not paying enough attention to our personal data. We are giving it without thinking about what we are doing actually, only in 2012 there was 500MB of fingerprint data collected by AI. And also, we are people, we get tired and we need money for motivation to work, so wouldn’t it be easier to just have machines do the job for free? Of course it would! That’s how we’ll lose our jobs, and it’s not like they will ever get old, but it’s just the opposite, they will actually get stronger, bigger and better as they are improving everyday.

I think I can assume that they are also becoming smarter than us, take the IBM challenge as an example, where the robot Watson won against humans, they even got to the point where they won at poker, an emotional game, I mean seriously, they have the deep learning which means that they learn things the same way toddlers do so how long will it take for them to learn how to love and be selfish or even worse, how to be angry.

I’ve been talking about the future but now I realize that is actually happening now, it’s the present. Look, surgery is made now by machines, there are automatic weapons and cars which means that we are literally putting our life in its hands, that’s how much we trust it, the AI, the technology itself.

Now, regarding the way this movie was made I have no complains, the sound effects are good and the images are sharp, it was filmed normally and some scenes were taken from SF movies as “Terminator”, to give us a bigger impact. The interviews were a very good part, as we see what random people think or what the experts have to say about all of this mess.

The purpose of this documentary is to make a wake up call for everybody and open everyone’s closed mind, as we all think this is normal when it’s not and the main message that Chris Pain tried to get across the audience is that if we continue like this things are going to get really bad. And when he says that it’s a good thing that we improved technology, he wants to tell that he’s not against it, he’s just talking about the evil side of it, as we all want to see all the time the good in things.

My personal thoughts about this documentary are increasing daily to the honest and the part that shocked me the most was the robotic surgery, for me it looks insanely unsafe and I never thought we would get to this point.

Usually, when I watch documentaries at school I really try to remain focused and not get on my phone but this time I wanted to stay as far away as possible from my phone, because I’ll be honest I got a bit scared, but not enough to think about making a change so I think it should’ve talked about how we can make a change, not only about how things are, it gave me the feeling that there’s no turning back and actually if I think about it, there’s not.

This movie is really relevant to Romanians and not only that’s why I want all of my friends to watch it once it’s released and for those who can’t understand English (my parents for example) I’ll try my best to get some subtitles so that way everyone can see it and understand it.

A freeze-frame shot from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, as seen in the AI documentary, Do You Trust This Computer?

New Image

Screenshot: Ty Pendlebury/CNET Photo source:

With all of these being said, a huge thank you to my English teacher, who showed it to us! It surely was an amazing way to spend the class.




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