Have you ever thought that your computer is watching everything you do, your personal things every day?

I recently watched a documentary about technology called Do you trust this computer? made by Chris Payne, although it should have been Elon Musk. The official release of this movie is in September, but Elon Musk paid to Chris Payne so that the movie could be seen for free all over the world.

The fields approached in this documentary are surgery, warfare, gaming, autonomous cars, robotics and even politics and elections. I realized that nowadays everything in our lives is tied to technology. We spend hours watching our smartphone’s screen, slowly breaking our social lives and losing precious time with our family.

What struck me most was a robot that created a perk to do facial recognition by itself. So that shows us that right now in these moments technology slowly takes control op0f everything.

The documentary wants to make everyone realize the danger of the technology. In years, we will have no work places as robots will do everything for us. An example is the robot who helped the doctor in a surgery doing the work for him. Another things that the movie made me aware of is how technology will get so smart that one day it could set a goal to destroy human race.

In conclusion I recommend everyone to watch this documentary to see the dark side of technology and to be more careful about what we expose in social media.


sebastian vancea



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