Will automation take away all our jobs?

One of the most impressive TED conference is the one of David Autor. He gave us an answer to the question: Why there are still so many  jobs? He explains it by two fundamental economic principles. One has to do with human genius and creativity and the other with human insatiability.

The first principle is called by David Autor The O-ring principle. It determines the type of work that we do.

In much of the work that we do, we are the O-rings.  ATMs could do certain cash-handling tasks faster and better than tellers, but that didn’t make human tellers superfluous. Instead, it increased the importance of their problem-solving skills and their relationships with customers.

The same principle applies if we’re building a building, if we’re diagnosing and caring for a patient, or if we’re teaching a roomful of high schoolers. As our tools improve, technology magnifies our leverage and increases the importance of our expertise, judgment and creativity.

The second principle is The never-get-enough principle, and it determines how many jobs there actually are.

Many of the industries in which we now work — health and medicine, finance and insurance, electronics and computing — were tiny or barely existent a century ago.

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Denisa Mehesz Maghiar



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