Living underground

Underground living refers simply to living below the ground’s surface, whether in caves or built surfaces.

In my opinion, this type of houses is for those who want to minimize their negative impact on the environment. This includes pros and cons.

Firstly, the most important benefit is that it conserves energy. This is a quiet space and you don’t have to listen to the noise from outside. Underground houses provide a safe refuge from extreme weather such as tornadoes or high winds.

Secondly, there are cons too. For instance, in these houses you can’t have windows so you don’t have the opportunity  to see what type of weather is outside. Therefore, because they are unconventional, they require careful planning. Also, some people find it difficult to live in such houses if they are very deep.

In a nutshell, I wouldn’t live in a house like that, but this is a matter of taste.




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