An unforgettable experience

În perioada 24-28 aprilie 2023, un grup de 25 de elevi și zece profesori ai Colegiului Național Onisifor Ghibu Oradea au participat la o mobilitate Erasmus la școala parteneră Szkoła Mistrzostwa Sportowego din Wieliczca, Polonia. Această mobilitate a avut loc în cadrul proiectului Erasmus United we stand. Divided we fall, cu numărul 2022-1-RO01-KA121-SCH-000065509. Deoarece cel de-al doilea an al Acreditării Erasmus Educație Școlară are ca teme Incluziunea, Toleranța și Diversitatea, am ales vizita la lagărul de concentrare Auschwitz Birkenau, pentru a ilustra ce efecte a avut în trecut discriminarea și lipsa toleranței. (Prof. LUCIA CIGHIR)

This was not my first visit to Auschwitz, but the emotion surrounding it was still as strong and full of astonishment, shock, and terror. The sinking feeling in your stomach while walking on those roads, through those chambers, basically stepping on the ashes of the victims, was unexplainable.

To be completely honest, those hours spent there, the atmosphere, the smell, and all that was happening around us felt wrong and unreal. Not even a century ago those roads, those walls were filled with suffering and agony, and now, here we are just passing through and wondering how humanity had reached that level of pure cruelty. Surely, we have all learned about the events from that time, but needless to say it is a different story hearing about them while walking through there.

Credit picture: Beatrice Cordovan

I believe that this visit is followed by a certain level of awareness about multiple things, such as society and humans in general, history, and even yourself and your position in this world. I mention the last part as something more personal. As someone of rroma ethnicity, just imagining and thinking about the victims would awaken a sickening feeling in my stomach. Thinking of how approximately 80 years ago I would’ve been put in the same pot as some of those victims.

Credit picture: Beatrice Cordovan

This was indeed an unforgettable experience filled with emotions and thoughts hard to shake and difficult to explain.


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