Eminescu cloned

I recently found out about this app called ChatGPT(a chatbot just launched) and curiosity pushed me to try it, so I wanted to put it to the test. I asked it to write a poem in English in the manner of the great Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu.

This is what I received:

“Request: Write a poem in Eminescu’s style

Golden rays of sunrise

Paint the sky with crimson light

And a soft breeze whispers by

Carrying scents of morning bright

The woods stand silent, tall and proud

Their branches reach for heaven’s height

While birds sing sweet, a symphonic crowd

Their melodies carried on the light

And in this stillness, I reflect

On life’s uncertain, fleeting show

For all its beauty, what effect

Will it have when all we know

Has vanished, like the morning dew

And like the sun, we’ll set at night

But in the hearts of those we knew

Our memory will forever shine bright. “

This made me feel a combination of surprise and fear, but at the same time I found it impressive how an app can create something in which a human puts so much his feelings.

So it seems that now we have Eminescu in the ChatGPT version!



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