Money in pyjamas

Recently, I’ve been hired by a really good company that I had my eyes on since last November.

I thought that I’ll never get the chance to work there, but to my surprise, I did!

They offered me the job under one condition though. They told me that if I’m willing to work remotely, the job is mine without any hesitation and I accepted their condition. I mean, being hired by one of the best companies in my city is already living the dream, but being hired by this company and working while I’m in my cute and warm pyjamas as I’m drinking my hot chocolate, is the miracle I’ve prayed every Christmas to happen!!

No, seriously, this is one of the best decisions I could’ve made because this new working environment is helping me so much.

My first week of working remotely has just ended and it was absolutely lovely. Some say that working from home is stressful, but for me is a stress reliever, or that they can’t socialize with others as much as they used to or that they feel like a cog in a machine, but for me it’s really a blessing. Socialising makes me tired and making myself look like a decent human being every morning makes me depressed, but now I don’t have to feel that peer pressure anymore.

Besides, working remotely is a time saver for me. Now I’m able to cook healthy meals for myself, to do my laundry, to rest more and save some money too.

These are the pros I’ve noticed so far, but as for the cons, I think it’s the fact that I started to neglect my appearance and that I don’t care so much about it because nobody is going to see me in weeks anyway. And maybe the lack of interaction with people will affect me somehow, but I’m not really sure because I’ve got a big and lovely family that makes sure that I’m alright from time to time.

In conclusion, for me, so far working remotely is what I needed and didn’t know.



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