My experience in working remotely

Lately, the labor market, on the one hand, has declined due to the closure of activity in many fields, but on the other hand, it has developed because they have found other ways to continue working and, more precisely, working remotely.

I am in the same situation and the first week of working from home has just passed. I have to admit that initially I was excited that I would be able to work from home, because I could do other things at the same time (multitasking), like eating while I work or even cooking, and one of my favorite reasons is that I can work in pyjamas.

However, all these proved to be disadvantages. I realized that although there was no longer that peer pressure on me, it kind of made feel more motivated to work. Now I know for sure that I prefer to have a direct communication with my colleagues, but in this work environment, I feel like a cog in the machine, because I have the impression that no one notices me and is not aware of my presence.

The fact that I can now work from bed, motivates me less to be an active person for the rest of the day: I don’t feel like getting out of bed, cooking, cleaning or exercise. Before, I was much more motivated to do these things.

Consequently, I think that the things that some have found advantages and benefits in working remotely, they are for me exactly the opposite and it makes me become more and more sedentary.



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