Can we trust the AI?

Have you ever thought what would happen when the robots took over the world?

ioan pruteanu


I recently watched a 2018 documentary called Do you trust this computer? directed by Chris Paine, known for Who killed the electric car? (2006) and Revenge of the electric car (2011), who wanted to outline the benefits and especially the dangers of artificial intelligence.

If most of you were to be asked “Do you trust your phone/computer?”, what would thE answer be? Probably “Yes”. But is the AI so trustworthy?

At the moment, yes, we could say that we trust the AI. But for how long?

In today’s day and age we should really consider an AI more intelligent than humans. The robots have no feelings and so, they are being more and more used in the military, medicine etc. The AI leaves no room for failure, they don’t get tired, they can work 24/7, making them perfect for a good number of today’s jobs

As I said earlier, what should we do when the AI will realize that they’re smarter than us? We are really only a few decades away from a revolution of the AI. When they are going to realize that they’re smarter than us, they won’t hesitate to kill us in order to accomplish their goals.

We should take action right now, otherwise it’s gonna be too late.

This documentary tries to answer all these questions and more.

I personally give the film 5 stars for being one of the few that put this problem under the spotlight and it’s a must-watch for those interested in this subject and not only.


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