UPDATE The million dollar idea

An Irish designer set himself the goal of coming up publicly with some creative ideas every day for a year. We have brainstormed this in class also, complementing the idea with a motivating statement for a future panel of backers.


Light sensor

Have you ever been in the situation where you are at the gym working out and a douchebag that’s more muscular than you starts to push you away from the machine you’re using? A great improvement to gyms around the world would be a light sensor placed above the entrance door that should tell you what attitude you should have inside the gym and the sensor would lock the doors if you don’t have the right attitude. This device would make the gyms a more friendly environment and thus they won’t be filled with rednecks anymore.

Self-adjusting footwear

I got my idea from my own need. I usually buy shoes from the internet and it is very possible that the shop doesn’t have my size. That problem led to the idea of the shoes that adjust to every size. The best part is that you are going to buy your favourite brand of shoes and they will just match your measurements. On the other hand, they will have a higher cost then the normal shoes, but in a while they will be an important product for everyone and they will be a must-have for anyone. (Sergiu Brie)

360° Class

You are in the middle of a boring class and you don’t know how to make it seducing. And there are the big LED screens on the wall. In the History class you are talking about World War II. The teacher can project a 360° video on the walls and you will feel like you take part in it. And that’s it, going back in time and make you live the moment just one click away. Then you are in the middle of the Geography class and the teacher wants to presents you a country – it is very simple, the teacher needs to project it and make you feel like you are there, a citizen of that country. (Alex Belenesi)



I have personally imagined a pencil box with a smart screen which gives you information about the condition of your beloved ones. This screen is connected to a camera placed in your house. In this way, you wouldn’t need to bother about what your grandma, for example, is doing. You’ll be able to see them every time you want. As for me, this device would be perfect because I’m very attached to my grandma and my beloved ones. To put it briefly, I would be very relaxed with this device if I knew how they are feeling, not to mention the dog. (Romina Dutcaş)


The Soothsayer

An app that deserves to be put on the market is The Soothsayer, which predicts the death and future disease of humans. This application will manage to prevent the emergence of disease that can lead to death or more serious state. On the other hand, this app will also create problems because if a teenager will find out when they will die and the cause of their death, they might commit suicide. The news of our own death is terrible, the idea that our lives are about to end can lead to depression and inevitable fear. So this app could be helpful for many people, but in the same time it could be bad for some people’s life. (Gianina Moldovai)


All-season outfit

The most effective outfit is that has internal heating and cooling system. One of the advantages of such clothing is that you save a lot of money. These clothes help you keep your body temperature irrespective of the weather. A lot of clothes will no longer be useful, because you can all include them in one piece. In the hot season it is will be most advantageous because it has cooling system in those areas of skin that are more express to heat. I would definitely buy it. (Cătălin Maior)


Muscularinator 3000

You have wasted time and resources visiting doctors and nutritionists with no visible improvement of your condition, you’re losing hope and kinda start to give up. Here we have the Muscularinator 3000, a device that recognizes your muscle functions and shows you how hard to push yourself to get the perfect workout for increasing your muscular gains. To get it to start you need to attach it onto the muscular group you work. It shows you how many reps to do to get the best tonus and the best results. With this device you can admit that you have no more worries getting in the best shape of your life. (Nicolas Muşet)


Color-Changin’ Tee

Picture this: a T-shirt which changes color depending on your mood. This would completely reshape the way people see a plain piece of clothing. I thought that for each emotion there should be a color, for example green for greed, red for anger etc. This way, people would already know your mood just by looking at the color and they would probably give you space and treat you the proper way if you’re under the weather. All things considered, I would like to have this type of unique clothing in my wardrobe and wear it occasionally. (Denisa Nuţaş)


Info specs

Nowadays people have access to variety of products, but quality and price make the difference. Image a pair of glasses that give you information about products on the shelf in real time. Such a device would be helpful, so people could choose the top merchandise. You wouldn’t be fooled with misleading information about price, composition, country of origin, shelf life, best quotation. (Andrei Kliment)


Self-adjusting clothes

Have you ever wanted to wear again that old T-shirt which you loved when you were a child? Well, you don’t need to bother anymore because now this might be a reality. This is a breakthrough in the realm of the modern fashion. This could change everything we know about fashion. All the money you spend on clothes in a lifetime can be saved. Think about the poor people, or even the middle class, the most people in the world, they would definitely choose such clothes, because they grow up with you. If you are bored with this outfit, give it to your kid, give it to anyone. Your time and money will be saved. (Mircea Suciu)


Super-sonic earpiece

The super-sonic headphone is a prototype which is placed in your ear to hear any movement and even the slightest sound. This supersonic headphone would be easy to introduce, and easy to remove with a magnet which brings it closer to your ear. Such an invention would be good for secret agents, spies, old people whose hearing is low. But on the other hand it would pose some threat also, because you would hear all secrets and most of your friendships and marriages would get destroyed. (Amalia Sala)


Health assessment glasses

The most impressive benefit of such a device would be that you shouldn’t spend a lot of money when you don’t feel so good. A pair of glasses like this looks like an ordinary one, but in addition it has a sensor which is connected to your body. You have wasted time and material resources visiting doctors with no clear result, so a pair of glasses like this will help you more than a G.P. who is after your money. All in all, I consider that is more convenient, because such a device will be more honest than many doctors. (Ioana Cionca)


Personal record outfit

Picture this: a pair of smart clothes that tell you the history of the person you’re about to meet. When I talk about such smart clothes, I mean that I want to wear something that could help me in recognizing those people in my life who have bad intentions. I think this gadget would be a big advantage because people nowadays are more and more deranged; they only want to see you fail. Of course, not all of them are the same; some of them would do you good.  So, these clothes would be more than useful in our life, because you could avoid muggers or sexual predators. (Paula Pop)


Some further ideas: an adjoining kitchen for each classroom, so that every kid can have a decent lunch; a pair of glasses that show your mood so others can notice.


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