The future planet

Werner Herzog`s latest movie, a documentary named “Lo and Behold, Reveries of the connected world”, chronicles the virtual world from the origins to outermost reaches, exploring the digital landscape with the same curiosity and imagination he previously trained on earthly destination.

Herzog leads viewers on a journey through a series of provocative conversations that reveal the ways in which the online world has transformed, how virtually everything in the real world works – from business to education, space travel to healthcare, and the very heart of how we conduct our personal relationships.

The movie can be divided in 10 chapters, all of them dealing with the impact of modern technology on contemporary world. Some of these are entitled: “The early days”, “Internet on Mars”, “The dark side”, “The future of it”.

The chapter that influenced me the most is the one that tackles the problem of  Mars civilization. In this plan, Elon Musk wants to populate Mars with people. He says that with this technology we can`t even get one person on Mars, because the cost is to high. And there is another problem, there is just a one-way ticket. Musk says: “I think it`s important for us to take advantage of that window while it is open and to establish life on another planet in the solar system, just in case something goes wrong with Earth”. There could be either a natural or man-made disaster that knocks the technology level below.

Personally, I think that we need to be prepared for a disaster, because this thing can happen anytime. We need to profit of the current technology to create something to help us in this case.

I recommend this movie to everyone, because all people need to know the dark part of Internet and the future with the Internet usage.





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