Cybercafé at home

The film “Lo and Behold” written and directed by Werner Herzog refers among others to the negative effects of the Internet on health.

The negative effects of the internet, such as internet addiction, explicit content and plagiarism, aren’t uncommon in today’s culture if it isn’t used properly the Internet can be seriously harmful to mental and physical health of children and young adults.

One of the most obvious problems of teenagers using the Internet is the chance to be addicted. Children and young teens who grew up using computers are naturally more likely to get Internet addiction.

Excessive children access to the computer results in less time spent studying, doing homework, reading, exercising or participating in physical activities.

As a result, Internet addiction has directly affected their lifestyle every day and those who are supposed to be in the classroom waste their time surfing on the Internet, watching online games in cafes etc.

Evidence could be seen from the exponential growth of the cyber cafes some years ago. The younger generation spend more time in front of the monitor surfing the Internet  and have many medical problems, such as obesity, eye conditions and postural problems, affecting their health and social life.

Moreover, adolescent Internet addiction disrupts relationships with family and friends and tends to replace education and other positive activities.

In conclusion, the Internet should be kept away from children as it can destroy the parent-child relationship.

I recommend this movie to everyone – children, parents and educators.





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