Nothing is perfect

We all know that the Internet is just a few decades old, but in that short span of time it has experienced significant changes. Internet will be the future, our future, and I believe we can’t live without.  Werner Herzog , now aged seventy-three, made a documentary about the Internet, named “Lo and Behold”.

Black & White 100%

Foto: Denisa Nuţaş

The movie is divided into ten parts, and one of them which impressed me was “The Dark Side”. This part of the film is about a family that had a daughter, who died in a car accident, and the first responder took photos of the decapitated head of the girl and emailed it to some friends. After that, instantly the pictures were out of the Internet.

Her father received emails with the pictures and it said “Dead girl walking”, “Woo hoo, daddy, I’m still alive” and this was horrifying for the family. Her mother thinks that the Internet is a manifestation of the antichrist, the spirit of evil.

Internet has advantages and lots of disadvantages, like our life is moving at the pace of Internet or the physical distance among loved ones is increasing.

But, in my view, nothing is perfect in this world, so I believe that we have the intellect to make smart choices. We should not allow the Internet to distract or disturb our mind. We should use it in a way that brings harmony in life.





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