The early days of the Web

The film “Lo and Behold” focuses primarily on the widespread topic today, the Internet. The film is documentary. The first chapter presents the beginning of the Internet, the day of its birth, 25 October 1969, and place of birth, Stanford University. We also find which were the words that were sent on the Net for the first time.

Some chapters from the movie are entitled “The Early Days”, “Internet on Mars”, “The Dark Side”. Some parts of the documentary are very deep, inviting you to reflect on how the Internet influences our lives, our actions or our emotions.

The film, divided into ten chapters, concludes that in the future the Internet propagation will grow out control.

Internet has both advantages and disadvantages and many negative effects. The negative effects of the Internet are Internet addiction, explicit content and plagiarism. The Internet can be seriously harmful to mental and physical health of children and young adults. On the other hand, you can easily access private information.

Internet has advanced in all fields such as in cars, in space ships and others.

I’m afraid that the Internet will lead us, and not the other way round. Robots are already growing and apparently they are going to take our place. This is another global problem of the Internet, from my point of view. People will no longer need other partners when you can have at hand a robot that does not require food. This film shows greatly all these features underlying the Internet.

In conclusion, I really liked this film because it opened my eyes about the consequences of excessive use of the Internet. I recommend this film to everyone who still does not understand exactly which are the risks.


CĂTĂLIN MAIOR Foto Andrei Kliment

CĂTĂLIN MAIOR Foto: Andrei Kliment


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