What’s the use of people?

Technology has evolved beyond any expectation in the last decades, managing to impact the whole young generation of contemporary world, both positively and negatively. An example of this would be, in my opinion, the documentary “Lo and behold” directed by Werner Herzog.

This movie illustrates perfectly the consequences of technology when it invades the entire space of intimacy of people. A chapter of the film describes briefly a tragic future in which people will be replaced with robots.

Basically, we will become useless in terms of our daily duties, in a world of faces without souls, in which moral values will no longer count. We will get on the scale of dehumanization; there will be robots that will seize the entire human activity, ranging from those who will cook, wash dishes, drive the car, up to those that will become our live companions.

Everything will change. Feelings of love and attachment will disappear, as well as interpersonal relationships, which might become useless, according to one of the people interviewed.

Although I agree with technology, I think that it should be introduced in society with caution, so that people can continue their normal activities, and remain useful in the future.

I recommend this documentary to all those which are willing to know or prevent the possible devastating consequences of technological evolution in humanity’s life.


paula pop



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