BIANCA SUCIU: Green within

Look at this beautiful forest;
close your eyes and be honest,
let your heart become one with it,
listen to the song it wants to sing.
Feel what it wants you to feel,
learn the way it feels and memorize it.
In your mind, let it be a great seal.

Oh my god..
Oh my god..I’m so sorry.
I’m terribly sorry..because now
You will open your eyes.

And instead of blue, gray and dark will be the skies;
and instead of the birds’ sacred voices
you’ll hear technology’s mad noises:
that low interrupted note of the electricity swishing through the cable;
and instead of the comfort given by a being’s heart
your hands will freeze when touching a machine’s steel bar;
and instead of the forest’s holy scent of chrism
your nose will hurt and your whole organism.



For these machines burn;
they throw away sparks and ashes,
they consume so much time-the main ingredient
they are made of and live with..

I don’t know much about our human race,
but whatever we are made of,  we are surely made out of time.

Turn off those monsters, go outside and start learning.
Nature is our greatest master, but the language it speaks is very particular..
You must open both your eyes and ears.
Listen and it will teach you.


Read the entire poem in the upcoming issue of Paperless.





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