Slavery Nowadays

Human traffic means, in the first place, any kind of exploitation. This means slavery, abuse, threatening, physical violence, full surveillance and last, but not least, disrespect.

catuseHuman traffic takes various forms, for instance: kidnapping, blackmailing, and all kinds of other illegal ways. This consists of forced work, organ prevail and prostitution.

The main causes of human traffic are poverty, lack of education, inequality between sexes, corruption and discrimination. Romania is internationally known as a main source of slaves (victims) – that’s why human traffic starts with the promise of a better life.

Keep on reading the story of an 18 year old victim, Ioana: “I wanted to work abroad. I found on the internet some contact details of a person who claimed to represent an international hotel company. I even went to an interview, but that person forced me to work with another girl, for him, in an improvised rookery in a hotel in the country. Since I knew French, I had to accompany him to various meetings to which strangers from Belgium, Switzerland and France with whom I was forced to have numerous kinds of sexual activities, even unprotected ones. Once I even got pregnant and was forced to have an abortion. I had to give him all the money I agonized for. He often beat me if the strangers weren’t content with my work for which they paid. I can’t even face my family after all that happened.” (translated by KELEMEN PETRA)




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