Life Itself Is a Vice

A physical and psychical obsession, a passion, a psychic defect, some kind of inclination, a pleasure, addictions, everything refers to one thing, and that is the vices. What exactly are the vices? Every man has a vice, I heard so many people saying “I don’t have vices, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink alcohol!“ The fact that you don’t do any of the things above doesn’t mean that you aren’t vicious. Whether you are drug addicted, you collect stamps, work out 3 or 4 hours a day in a gym, you put plants in an atlas, you play hours video games on the PC, you fish, smoke, pickup women, eat a certain quantity of sweets without the feeling empty, whatever your activity, the thing that without it you wouldn’t be yourself is a vice. The vice can get you from a small pleasure to the peak of your sensations, you forget about everything, about friends, it’s you, your vice and the good felling. The vice of a person varies from man to man, every man finding himself doing a certain thing, consuming certain substances, food or even reading, reading, listening to music, drawing, dating, sleep, darkness, water, everything is a vice. Vices don’t depend on the social ranking, every one of us is born with a vice, we develop it, we let it control us and then we enjoy it and we start regretting it or even lose our life from pure pleasure. Vices are everywhere, it’s impossible for a man to not have at least one vice, the fact that you watch a movie and that created you a feeling of pleasure  is a vice, life itself is a vice. The vice is not a defect or a disease, it’s an absolute necessity, without vices we would be robots. It’s extremely easy to say, I’m good, I don’t have vices, and however we realize we have them, some of us have them in great qualities, from dozens of vices, everyone expressing and associating with a certain state of spirit, in a certain place, in a certain group of people. As long as quality gets you pleasures, they are vices, the fact that you bury yourself in something and you forget your purposes, shaking yourself because of a situation, person, this means it’s a vice ! Look at the vice as a thing without you wouldn’t be yourself, don’t banish it, fuel it as long as you don’t have to suffer nether physical nor psychical. (TRANSLATED BY IOANA HOSU)




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  1. Multumesc pentru traducere (^_^) !.


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