Poets will disappear

A few days ago I heard about a program that actually can make everything. I decided to try it and asked it to give me a summary of Moromeții by Marin Preda. In a few seconds, I was with the text in my hands.

I was shocked and I was surprised cause now creativity is not a special thing anymore. Like, if this app exists, why would you use your brain anymore?

The text was good, it linked with the subject, and had not insignificant details, but personally, I would have written more, and I would have got into the subject more. But it’s fine for a program.

Here is the result:

Moromeții is a novel by Romanian writer Marin Preda that was published in 1974. It offers a compelling portrayal of life in rural Romania during the Communist regime. The story follows the lives of two brothers, Ion and Ilie Moromete, and the challenges they face as they navigate the political, social, and economic changes that occur within their family and community. The novel addresses themes of poverty, family dynamics, political corruption, and the struggle for survival in a harsh and unjust system. Preda uses the struggles of the Moromete family to provide a powerful critique of the Communist regime and its impact on the everyday lives of Romanian citizens.

As you can see, there are mistakes that those who have read the novel will notice. Mistakes like the characters and the year of appearance. So, this program is not as good as you may think. It will not and it cannot replace a human mind.

After I tried again later, this is what I got:

Moromeții is a novel by Marin Preda set in the early 20th century in a rural area of Romania. The story follows the Moromete family, with Ilie Moromete as the main character. Ilie is a hard-working peasant who tries to provide for his family and navigate the social and political changes of the time.

The novel explores themes of social class, family dynamics, and political ideologies. Ilie’s son, Niculae, becomes involved in communist activism, which causes tension within the family. Ilie also struggles to adapt to the changing times, as he witnesses the decline of traditional rural life and the rise of industrialization and urbanization.

Throughout the novel, the characters confront issues of identity and belonging, as they grapple with the changing social and political landscape. The story is also marked by tragedy, as the characters confront illness, death, and loss.

Overall, Moromeții is a complex and nuanced portrayal of rural life in Romania during a time of political and social upheaval.

It is better than the first result, but it is not like the brainchild of a human mind.

So, the app is not very good.



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