AI is going to bury us alive

I think everybody has seen a movie where the bad guy is Artificial Intelligence – to be more specific, robots. I watched that sort of movie many times, but I still don’t understand why they don’t just pour water over them and really need to fight with them with guns – like, it’s not gonna work, you are not gonna stop them.

AI artwork

But even if we can imagine that the robots that we will make in the future will probably turn against us, I am still more worried about the technology that we have right now. Let me give you an example.

Recently my English teacher presented us with an app that’s called ChatGPT. He explained that it’s a tool that can transform any request into a story, an email, or anything you like. Firstly, I was like: “What? This can’t be true…”

Well, it was true.

At first, the app didn’t work, but I figured it out, so I opened it and I wrote a stupid thing like “A pizza with a banana hat” to see if it actually works, and I was shocked. The story was written really fast and it actually made sense.

I started writing more random stuff, but I decided to actually give it something really interesting to make: I asked it to write a poem about a clock like Nichita Stănescu would write it.

And the results are amazing:

Clock, O clock, in the emptiness of the night,
Thou art the only sound, the only light.
In the stillness of the room, thou dost keep
The rhythm of time, that none can sleep.

Thou art the messenger of passing days,
A reminder that life is but a blaze.
Thou dost remind us of our fleeting youth,
And of the moments that we cannot soothe.

Thy hands, a symphony of slow, precise beats,
A dance that marks the passage of life’s fleet.
A reminder that we must embrace the now,
And cherish every moment, every vow.

Thou art a symbol of our mortal fate,
A symbol of the time that we await.
A reminder that we must live each day,
And not let life just slip away.

Oh, clock! Thou art a master of time,
A ruler of the hours, the minutes, and the rhyme.
A symbol of our journey, a guide for our path,
A reminder that we must embrace our life’s aftermath.

Many people will say that that’s a good app for inspiration, but many students use it to do their homework, forcing them not to use their brains anymore.

Even though I like this app, cause you can make a lot of random funny stories with it, I still think that someday this technology will improve more and more, until it’s going to kill us all,

Unless we throw water on it first.



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