PATRICIA: The rise of AI

In a recent video that I watched about Artificial Intelligence (AI), I’ve seen how in the future technology will have the power to take over our lives, a process that has already started slowly.

The most popular fields in which I saw that robots will take over were in the medical industry, also at cafés, bars and in the car industry.

I’m going to talk about one industry, specifically the medical industry. In that field I saw how robots will become the new doctors, how they’ll do procedures on humans and how they’ll make doctor’s life easier by detecting cancerous symptoms in humans even when they don’t notice.

Another thing in which they’ll help would be the fact that they will be able to scan people’s bodies, meaning that they can detect any broken bone without having an X-ray.

By seeing all of this we can tell that AI will be the last invention of mankind because this artificial intelligence would take over our lives making it easier to live. So in this case, humans may become addicted to how easy life can be, how we can just press one button and have our house chores already done.

In my case, I may think differently than others, but I enjoy how much technology we have at the moment, I wouldn’t like if AI would take over our lives, like we should think about how many jobs we’ll lose. Also, with AI taking over, our emotional intelligence will diminish, we’ll become mini human robots that will have little to no emotional intelligence.

I think this is a big factor that will affect our lives drastically forever and, in the words of the Greek philosopher Epictetus, which are mentioned in a recent book, UNFU*K YOURSELF, “the wise man is the one who doesn’t cry for the things he doesn’t have, instead he’s happy for what he has”.

So by hearing that, I don’t want to be a wet blanket, but that reminds us that what we have is enough. We don’t need to go out of our way to create something that will destroy our emotional intelligence and that will impact our lives in such a drastic way.

If AI is given the the chance to take over our lives and we are dependent by an entity above humans, I think our lives would look like those people in the futuristic movie “Wall-E” and in my opinion that’s not a life worth living for.

In conclusion, AI may rise, but we should never forget how much we can achieve by also having emotional intelligence.


patricia latco


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