What future has in store

Future is a very unstable part of our lives. We can only assume and hope for the best. It seems that technology will take over our future, but personally I hope that’s not true.

In my opinion, future will be very chaotic, hectic. Time will cost money and our lives will be a rollercoaster. Stress and depression will kill many and the strong ones will remain tall.

In terms of education, I don’t see a bright future. Technology can help us, but it can also stop the elevator from going to the top floor and who needs an elevator that doesn’t go to the top floor?

If we have computers in front of us, and not our notebooks, we will not know how to write anymore. Most of the students already don’t understand what they are reading.

Respect and discipline will not exist anymore.

Kids don’t read books and don’t go to the library. They think it’s “old school”, but culture and smartness will never get old. A bright mind will always turn heads, but an expensive phone with a stupid mind will only turn people off.

In terms of entertainment, people’s eyes will be glued to TV and smartphones and they will be watching every crap on TV, without a filter. They won’t separate the good from the bad. Their mind will work like a robot.

I don’t think that entertainment will be much more stimulating or crappier, but it definitely won’t help us in any way.

All in all, future doesn’t look bright in my vision, judging by the way we are evolving at the moment.


viviana rad

Surs[ foto: Facebook Viviana Rad

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