Vision on technology

Technology has opened many doors and it developed in a blink of an eye.

Before the advent of modern day technology, life was burdensome and everyday chores consumed most of our time, but with the development of technology immense opportunities are being provided by those technologies that play an important role in humans’ life.

But the question is how far can this development go? Could technology halt humans activity or could it entertain us in some way?

We all know that technology developed so much in those past years and we all know it will still go on. I know for sure that all of us are familiar with the term  homeschooling and some of us could at any given moment drop school and start a homeschooling program.

But how could technology develop our education system? Let’s admit, some of us are really thinking about the option of homeschooling because there won’t be a problem with the fact that you have to see people whose face you don’t want to see.

But could there be a reason for you to reconsider this option?

In my vision, technology could be a very big part of our education. Robots could wander around school and maybe even teach us just like a teacher could. Grades could be points that you accumulate and with whom you can buy everything your heart desires.

In this way teaching and going to school could be more fun.


Photo credit: Diana Martin

Technology could be a very big part of the entertainment industry, too. What if you couldn’t even bother to go to a concert? What if the concert could come to you? That could happen with the help of holograms. Holograms could be therefore more alive, making you feel like you really are at a concert in your own home.

You could also press pause to open the door for the delivery guy.

Not satisfied yet? What if you could play your favorite game in real life? What if you could fight like a gladiator? Playing your favorite game could be possible. You could feel your adrenaline at the highest point. You could feel the thrill in your whole body making you look for more.




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