The environment – friend or foe?

The idea of influencing people to become more friendly with the environment is a much discussed one. As any other suggestion, this one comes with some pros and cons too.

planting a tree

Photo credit: Daria Pop personal archive

First of all, we tend to harm the environment, whether we want it or not. And there is no way we can help but by educating children how vital the health of the environment is to us.

From my point of view, I think that kids should be taught in school – and not only kids, but their parents too, that for example, instead of throwing a bottle somewhere randomly, they should put it in the recycle bin.

Anyway, the kids should be set an example, because they do what they see, not what they are told they should do.

But this comes with some drawbacks too. If there is too much insistence on this theme, the ones who were taught to take care of our planet will start arguing with the others and this could lead to serious problems.

Secondly, the laws and taxes could be also a solution. If people have to pay for damaging the surroundings, maybe they will stop doing it. But this isn’t really the best solution, because they will do it because they have to, in order not to get punished for what they have done, and not because they really care about the health of the environment.

All in all, opinions are still divided about protecting the environment, but I think that it is very important to protect the place we live in, because it is all about the next generation. So, is not only us who get affected.

We should stop being so selfish and instead of throwing paper wherever we want, we should place it in a bin. Because if each of us does something small to make the world a better place, we will succeed for sure.


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