I’d rather talk to a human

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to watch a documentary by Chris Paine, entitled Do you trust this computer?

It is a movie released last year about artificial intelligence and how it could affect the world. If you are interested in technology and computers, you might consider watching it.

The documentary tackles different domains like medicine, military, education, gaming and labour market. For instance we are told that some jobs will be gone, but new ones will appear. In medicine the robots would be very useful performing tedious tasks in surgeries or finding cures for ills.

Robots would be useful in war because they are stronger, they don’t need food and they don’t have feelings. I don’t think robots will affect gaming because there could be different rankings for humans and robots – in fact, I think they will help for lack of good opponent.

There was a part in the movie where robots substituted psychologists saying that humans won’t be afraid to share some things to them. Personally, I’d prefer talking to a human because they have feelings and a human-like robot would scare me

This movie teaches you many things about technology, but it may scare you about the future, therefore I rate it 7/10.


george vigu


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