A matter of feelings

Chris Paine is already famous for his first documentary, Who killed the electric car?, which was put on the market on the 28th June 2006.

He was then worried that a technological advance which was game-changing in a good way could be hindered by powerful corporations that might never allow it to see the daylight.

On the other hand, in Do you trust this computer? he tends to look in the other direction, at developments in artificial intelligence, seen as terrifying even by some involved in creating it, that may be out in the world before we even realize we want to stop it.

Though it shows some strain in containing the topic’s inherent sprawl, it is still more thoughtful than some of its predecessors, and benefits from interviews with newsmakers like Elon Musk and, even better, the Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan.

After dutifully pointing out some of the ways Al is likely to improve the world, the film moves to some familiar developments that make most humans more nervous.

As Paine moves toward the credits, he uses a smartly chosen image to drive home the documents.

I liked the fact that the documentary was very realistic, and I give it 5 stars out of 5.


I have juxtaposed a picture of me and Sophia, a robot which is already considered a citizen because it received Saudi Arabian citizenship. Artwork: Daria Pop-Dila

It really appealed to me, as at the and of the day, the robot doesn’t feel anything.

And that is a major problem because it’s the feelings that make the difference.

They make us who we are.


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