“Where to Invade Next”

“Where to Invade Next” is a documentary released in 2015 and made by Michael Moore who also plays the leading part. He puts himself in the position of a so-called contemporary American invader, who wants to steal away the best solutions he could find in different parts of the world and bring them back to his homeland.

It is a tongue-in-cheek approach, as he obviously is leading no army, but in each case he leaves behind a flag which is thrust into the foreign soil or presented to the host he has been received by.

For a start, he went to France, where he learned that even the tiniest schools have a proper canteen.

Other countries to invade are Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Finland, Tunisia, and Iceland. From each of them he picks up a lesson in some field. All the ideas that he wants to “steal” from each country had American origins, so they only have to apply them.

The German lesson is that “the idea that if you acknowledge your dark side and make amends for it, you can free yourself to be better people and to do well to others, if they can do it , surely we can.”

screenshot georgiana bob

Screenshot: Georgiana Bob

Schools in Finland are based on the stimulation of the child’s creativity giving him the freedom by getting rid of his homework.

One may find the prison system in Norway pretty appealing, due to the fact that there is no death sentence whatever the act commits the person concerned.

One of the most challenging ideas with respect to choose a woman as president was the one he came across while invading Iceland. They say that when women stopped working for a day, things didn’t work well, thus causing equality between women and men.

What shocked me most was to learn that in Italy the heads of a factory do not want to be richer than their employees. I am of the opinion that it would be great if we could adopt such a decision in Romania too. Picture this, a society whose citizens do not put much price on money.

There are some hilarious moments too, like the one in which the Italians receive 35 days of vacation in a year and are paid for those days, plus 12 national days, plus if they get married they receive another 15 free days and, on top of it all, they have their 13th salary in December.

Romania is not on Michael Moore’s list of countries to be invaded, and yet I suppose there are some nice examples here that deserve being highly regarded. An example of this sort would be the fact that our faculties are good and many foreigners come to our country annually.

All things considered, I would suggest anyone watch this documentary, mostly because you will learn new and interesting things about other countries.




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