Things you should not do on the Net

I found it interesting that the movie “Low and Behold” is not speaking about the dark side of the Internet and what happens there. So I will share with you eight terrible things you didn’t know about the Deep Web.
1) Also called the Hidden Web and Deep Net, the Deep Web is where search engines have not indexed the information, and so it is “invisible” to the mainstream public.
2) A 2001 study done at University of California estimated that the Deep Web consists of about 7,5 petabytes of information. A 2003 study showed that the numbers increased to 91,850 petabytes. (1 petabytes = 1000 million gigabytes)
3) To access this part of the Internet, you need to download “The Onion Router”. T.O.R is an anonymous network of nodes  that are intended to mask the user’s I.P. and protect the privacy of the user.
4) You can read banned books on T.O.R.
5) Anonymous sellers advertise their goods on topic-specific forums, like copied credit cards on a credit card fraud board.
6) Of course , there’s no cash over the Deep Web. To exchange goods , you need to use bitcoin.
7) You can also purchase prohibited drugs (I strongly recommend that you shouldn’t do so) from the Netherlands. Weapons also can be purchased online.
8) Clicking on a wrong link can mean the end of your life (well, not really). A Java script exploit can be used to upload malware into the user’s computer – meaning that a keylogger can be installed without your knowledge and your passwords will be compromised.
So, it is odd that Werner Herzog chose not to talk about this part of the Internet and he should.



ANDREEA LUCACIU. Foto: Alexandru Laza


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