People in cages

Werner Herzog is a German director, actor, screen-writer and producer of over 50 movies, appearing in some of them as an actor. Among his many movies, the most recent one is called “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”, released in 2016. This movie is comprised in 10 chapters, all of them dealing with the impact of modern technology on contemporary world.

Tick-Tock 87%

Foto: Denisa Nuţaş

I find this movie very interesting right after I saw the first chapter entitled “The Early Days”. Here they show the birthplace of the Internet in a room at U.C.L.A. Not many people know this information but I think it’s good to know how it all started. The phrase that got my attention was: “this machine is so ugly that it’s beautiful”. Starting with this phrase, the whole movie reflects two sides: the good and the bad, the beauty and the ugliness of the digital world.

In the chapter named “Life without the Net” it is presented a different world, a world that few people know about and get terrified when they discover it. I was shocked to see and hear people’s testimonies who got separated from their normal lives, families and also technology because they had bad reactions to radiations emitted by the mobile phones. These people were forced to detach from everything to live an abnormal life in Faraday cages. They would even sleep on the ground because it felt more natural than an actual bed that most people are used to sleeping in. After receiving this powerful and deep information, I got really touched by their stories.

Finally, the whole movie was really touching for me because I find myself using digital devices everyday and I can’t imagine life without them, all the information leaving me speechless.


denisa nutas



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