The brain – gut connection

One of the most important hormone in our body is serotonin. It is also known as “the happy chemical”, being one of the endorphines,the hormones that are responsible for our mood. For many years, people thought that it comes exclusively from the nervous system, from the brain. Recent studies have proven that wrong.

In one of his podcasts on Sanitas Radio, Mel Fabergas had invited a famous neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter to talk about frequent health issues, but the main topic was the human microbiome and how it affects us. He said that the microbiome and our food choices are very important to our health, including the brain health: “Gastroenterology have a huge role to play in resistance to disease of the brain”. He said that even serotonin is manufactured in the gut in proportion of 80%-90%. The serotonin hormone has a major role in reducing depression and a low level of it leads to mood disorders in people who experience inflammatory issues of the bowel disease (IBD). That’s because when an inflammation appears in our body (cause of bad alimentation, stress and other harmful factors), the production of serotonin is compromised.

A study made by University of Cambridge in 2013 had shown that the countries who have low levels of hygiene, and the populations who weren’t using hand sanitisers and probiotics have the lower risk of Alzheimer.  our microbiome is our birth. It appears that aside from the genes that we get from our mother, we get lots of microbes and bacteria from our birth canal. Those bacteria and microbes form lately the basis of the baby’s immune system. But these only happen in the natural births. The babies who are born by a cesarean section don’t receive those microbes and bacteria. These children are more prone to develop obesity an have a 50% more chances to develop Alzheimer disease.

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CARLA ROGNA. Foto: Camelia Bortoş


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