Peace means tolerance

The term “peace” has carved itself very deeply into our minds over the course of history. It has become part of human nature to associate it with a very general status and something that is out of our reach as common individuals. Sadly enough we always tend to link peace exclusively with the absence of an actual armed conflict and thus something that lies only in the hands of the political class. Overall we are tempted to draw the conclusion that it is not up to us to do anything to avoid a diplomatic crisis that we think of as the sole reason for the lack of peace.

I personally consider this general mindset to be the source of the unstable situation that has become so dominant worldwide, in the twenty first century. We have to acknowledge that we are the ones directly responsible for laying the foundations in order for this dream-like concept of total absence of this kind of crisis to become a reality,    Undeniably there are lots of little steps to be taken and it is only us who can decide if we are willing to take them or not.

In the first place, we shall look carefully into defying peace in a way that we understand that not only can we all contribute to building it up but there is also a sort of internal obligation to do so. In my mind peace is synonymous with tolerance since it brings peace wherever it reigns and the absence of it has always led to conflicts, helping people driven by evil intentions to take over. A strong example for this is the rise to power of the Nazis in Germany, putting forward an ideology based on intolerance. It becomes obvious that it has all led to the darkest chapter in humankind’s history.

The only conclusion I can come to is that tolerance is the seed of any solid and lasting period of social prosperity that goes so much beyond just respecting some treaties and conventions enforced upon us. It’s a question of us being moral, tolerating each other, respecting the identities of those around us: opinions, traditions ,religion and  everything that makes them who they are. If we want a peaceful  society then we shell first look at ourselves and make a change, practicing what we preach  . Being tolerant is what we shell aim for. Tolerance is after all the lack of prejudice and that is the key to the social prosperity that peace represents.



Acest text i-a adus lui Sebastian Lajos o clasare pe locul doi la concursul de eseuri „Peace in the world / A better world”, organizat de Catedra de Engleză a Liceului Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu în Săptămâna Educaţiei Globale, 14-18 noiembrie


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