The deepest treasure

The term “peace” comes from Latin “pacem”, which means “agreement, tranquility, absence of war”. The inner peace means, by deduction, an agreement with yourself, the lack of an interior conflict, an inner balance.

During their lives, people constantly search for this kind of peace. They try to find it in the love of the people next to them, in the material things, or they seek shelter in groups or organizations which ensure them social validation and inner balance.

But as they get those things, they realize that the interior emptiness has not gone yet. And they keep searching. They keep buying stuff they don’t really need, making things they don’t actually like, hoping that those will make them fulfilled and happy.

But the war is still there. It is on the social, educational, financial, cultural and spiritual level. Is in the conflicts between generations, in the political fights between countries or even between the citizens of a country, in the discrepancy of what I think and what I do for society’s validation, for people to accept me, and consider me “normal”.

But what people don’t know is where to search. All of these things are temporary; they all disappear with time. Even love. There’s only one place to look for peace that won’t ever go away, one unlimited source of peace. And that is God.

When you find your shelter not in material things, not in a person’s love, not even in a religion’s doctrines, but in God Himself, only then you have found your permanent source of peace. He’s never going to let you down, or disappear, even though you can’t see Him.

Because, as I see things, that’s the biggest challenge in faith: believing in what you can’t see.



Acest text i-a adus Carlei Rogna o clasare pe locul trei la concursul de eseuri „Peace in the world / A better world”, organizat de Catedra de Engleză a Liceului Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu în Săptămâna Educaţiei Globale, 14-18 noiembrie

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