Another type of home

The houses covered with land are very nice and comfortable, thus we all may want one. These houses date back a long time, but over the years they have become more practical.

A great advantage is thermal comfort, especially nowadays, when we consume too much and when we experience extreme temperatures. We have good insulation, summer is cold in the house, there is no need for air conditioning and in winter heat is maintained for a long time, which makes interior temperature constant all year, if the house is built correctly.

Disadvantages of this house can be also many: it may be affected by infiltration, especially if insulation system is imperfect, and problems with humidity may occur.

Lighting can be insufficient, if windows are not big enough. Another disadvantage is that claustrophobic people cannot live in such a house.

Despite these, underground houses are really a great way to get closer to nature.


Andrei Kliment



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