Man vs. Planet

It is clear that man has left a huge mark on the planet since the beginning of the world and until now.  It is also clear that with the modernization of the world, great changes have taken place in terms of the environment

What is the environment?  In short, it is everything around us, not just forests or animals, it is everything from microorganisms to climate and atmosphere.

What is man?  It is a living organism, the only human species that exists.  Man has had the ability and intelligence not to be limited to what the environment offers, so he has created much more.

Human creation has spread and evolved a lot, until the age of technology.  I think that problems started here:  man’s desire to have more and more, which can have a major impact on the environment and the planet – this is a subject that should not be neglected, especially since the planet is our home, of man.  Consequently, deforestation, water and air pollution are negative effects of human creation. Also, climate change affects all regions around the world. Polar ice shields are melting and the sea is rising. In some regions extreme weather events and rainfall are becoming more common while others are experiencing more extreme heat waves and droughts.

I believe that with the ability to create the most comfortable and useful environment on Earth, humanity also has the ability to protect it.  Therefore, nature plays a very important role in our lives.  Nature is the one that gives us resources, water, air, material – in other words. everything we need to survive.  Along with nature, animals have been shown to pay an extremely important role in making life on Earth work. Basically, everything that environment offers is indispensable to mankind.

Remember, the planet can live without humans, but humans cannot live without it, so we must protect it!


Mihnea Popoviciu este elev în X-a A la CN Onisifor Ghbu, clasa prof. Alexandru Popoviciu, îndrumător lb. engleză prof. Florica Pop.

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