OANA: Lazy rule

God knows how much I love the idea of weekend and free time. If it were up to me, I would stay in bed all day with a book in my hand or a movie on the TV screen and nothing more.

Unfortunately, I cannot do this every weekend because I have to be responsible for the well-being of my four puppies, even for those damn two days off. As a mom for four dogs, I don’t have time for everything I want to do in a day, but I do not complain because where is will, there is a way too.

I don’t think these moments of pandemic are to blame for my laziness, because I’ve always been a lazy person, which doesn’t make me a big fan of going out, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know enough people either.

There is a big difference between knowing people and having friends and I know for sure that I have one good friend who deserves an award just because she is always so patient with me and my stupid dramas.

Talking about my relation with humans in general, people who are part of my life know the disaster I unintentionally create around me and they know how stubborn I can be and that I find the worst moments to prove that “I’m always right”, doing it in the harshest ways possible.

More or less lucky me, in the last year I spent a lot of time in the house, which brought my family to the brink of despair because I reached an even more sedentary lifestyle than before. So, in the absence of activity, my parents tried to get me out of the house in any way possible and I ended up spending a little too much time with my relatives.

In general, I could say that I can barely tolerate my relatives. Not to be misunderstood: I love to sit with my mom and dad on the couch in the living room and gossip about all the nonsense we did and heard during the day and due to my very close relationship with my uncle and aunt I can say they are my second idea of “home” and I can’t wait to catch a loophole and run to them.

For my lack of interest in people, in general, I am the only culprit, and at this point my life is a paradox: I do not easily trust people, but I get attached very easily to those who manage to attract my attention as little as possible.

And this is where the problems tend to begin: I get bored very quickly and lose my interest more easily. I can’t invest feelings in people, simply because it’s not in my nature. Being chaotic and sometimes too unstable, it makes it so hard for someone to get under my skin and even harder to stay there.

The moral behind these thoughts of mine: “Lazy rule: if you can’t reach it, you don’t actually need it:”



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