Old is gold

Future is not something lots of people think about nowadays, at least not about what changes will bring with it.

Talking about the education system, we can only hope it is not going to get worse. Todayˊs education system is really advanced and we can see clearly that technology is a big part of it. I personally think that technology is not actually a good thing that time will bring about.

Let me explain by stating that Old is gold.  Through this statement I want to highlight the fact that sticking to the traditional ways of learning is better.

Let me put the drawbacks in the spotlight now. The biggest one I think is the fact that weˊll get too comfortable and so we are not going to put any effort in getting prepared or studying anymore.

Cheating on tests will be a lot easier.

The scary part is the fact that we wonˊt be able to write again. Just imagine a future without the possibility of writing a gracious love letter. You would email it and that definitely wonˊt have such a huge impact. The astonishing handwriting will be forgotten.

When it comes to social media, gossiping will be at its glory time and fake news will overcome true news. Everything will be chaotic and we will all be brainwashed by higher forces.

I personally think that entertainment wonˊt be as satisfying as it is now. Even at present it is all about drama and ruined lives that make us laugh. The news will be really irrational and false. Maybe we wonˊt even have platforms such as YouTube to enjoy content we actually want to see.

So as a conclusion of my thoughts on future of education and entertainment, I can only say that I truly believe in my aforementioned statement – Old is gold.

Because old means classic and classic means true.


ada urs

Sursă portret: arhiva personală ADA URS

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