ALEXIA SĂTEANU: Inspired by God’s creations

The book I’m going to talk about today is a bilingual book published by Aquila Publishing House, named Natural wonders of the world.

alexia săteanu


It shows God’s creations over millions of years, on every continent of planet Earth, and also ways to protect every inch of nature.

I think it’s very important to know how to protect our home. Besides, you will find in it games and a lot of curiosities and records of nature.

Maybe you are wondering why is beneficial for to buy this book? What will you learn from it? Once you go through this book, you will find out what wonders every continent on Earth hides. You will discover the most interesting canyons and mountains, numerous ponds and waterfalls. Get to know your planet!

If you want to travel around the world in the near future and you are out of ideas, this atlas is ideal for your next destination.

Did you know that the logo of Paramount Pictures is inspired by the mountain summit Artesonaju which has the shape of a pyramid and the height of 6025 meters?

This is one of the most incredible books and I think it’s totally worth the money!


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