PATRICIA LAŢCO: “You are my creator, but I am your master”

So recently I watched the documentary Do you trust this computer? by Chris Payne. This documentary was freshly released in April this year.

A fun fact is that this film was released in April but you could watch it only by paying, so the “real” release will be in October this year and you’ll be allowed to watch it for free.

A striking quote that got stuck in my mind was You are my creator, but I am your master, which made me think about the future and how technology will take over our world and lives.

The fields in which technology will take over were presented by the popular creator, Elon Musk, who is known for his inventions like Tesla, Space X and lots more. So those fields are surgery, gaming, warfare, weapons, autonomous cars (cars that drive themselves), robotics and politics.

And a good example I got from this film was the doctor who managed to do a surgery with a robot and he actually said that one day robots will get so smart that they’ll be allowed to do surgeries by themselves without any help from humans what-so-ever.

So that made me think about how blindsided we are and that we don’t acknowledge the risks we’re taking by putting our information on social media and so on. So how can we prevent this?

My answer may seem misplaced, but we can’t – we can’t prevent this because humans and our world in general are growing every day and we can’t stop evolving.

And the fact that our time schedule got messed up because we spend so much time on our phones is disturbing, so the only piece of advice I can give you is to not trust everything you see on social media and try to not expose so much on there.

Try spending more time out, in the nature enjoying your life at the fullest; do not just sit everyday on your phone like a couch potato.

In conclusion, yes, this was a good documentary that opened my eyes and probably it did the same to other people. So I recommend that on a lazy day, watch this documentary and see how our lives will change maybe in a short period of time and how technology will somehow rule the world and we will not even notice.




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