On peace

Firstly, I’m going to ask you a question: What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word ‘peace’? Is it war, refugees, history, maybe even Donald Trump if you’re casually updated?

What if I tell you that the meaning of this word goes beyond what we think of as ‘physical’?

What if I tell you that to me , the word ‘peace’ also means heartbreak, depression, trauma, mental disorders or… suicide?

Our minds are truly an assassins training camp and our most fierceful and powerful inner conflicts are to become professional mercenaries that carve the world as if it was their own.

How can we even expect peace in the world if we are not at peace with ourselves?

We are told everyday that these are days of peace, but are they really? Because it doesn’t feel much like it. Fear keeps me a hostage every night when I fall asleep sweating and crying thinking about how much cruelty there is in the world or where are the next bombs going to explode or if in case of war I’ll be able to see my parents ever again. This is not peace..

Peace is an abstract notion for we’ve never learnt what it is feels like, what it sounds like, looks like… Peace is the sun shining, not tanks and planes running on blood. Peace is silence and the voice of nature, of the birds, of your mother, not rumbles of terror. Peace is love, not hatred.

The first step to peace is learning what it is about: compassion and acceptance, making a vast connection with everyone, including yourself.

However, you cannot make connections if you’re split in a thousand pieces, your heart cannot bear the burden of a thousand bonds. Love and accept yourself first, glue all your shards back together and then you will know what peace is.



Acest text i-a adus Biancăi Suciu clasarea pe locul întâi la concursul de eseuri „Peace in the world / A better world”, organizat de Catedra de Engleză a Liceului Teoretic Onisifor Ghibu în Săptămâna Educaţiei Globale, 14-18 noiembrie. Foto: Andrei Ţiburcă


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