My lion tattoo

Peace, a subject difficult to achieve literally and figuratively. In order to reach the total world peace, we need to be in a state of peace with our self. We must learn to live together in a community without judging people because of their choices like religion, politics or their intimate relationships.

Many people say that drugs are bad, it will make you addicted to them. I think that love is the worst drug in our life. You can’t control who you love, you can’t control who you fall in love with. After all, we are all people, why we would hate our species, somehow our own family? Even if total peace sounds to me like something unattainable, utopian, we must try harder to evolve, and never give up our goals just because we had some bad moments in life.

We will find two types of people: the people who just like to score, and people who like the process for achieving goals. Everybody wants to be a beast, everybody has got lions tattooed on their hands, but a lion like the process to hunt the prey. We need to be in love with the process just like we need to try to help each other to achieve peace. Just because you fail, it won’t make you a failure and just because you lose, if won’t make you a loser! If someone has some bad days and reacts angrily to you, it doesn’t mean that they are a bad person. Instead of judging them over and over, we could try to help them overcome the bad moments.

Before trying to make the world a better place, I try to become a better person. I find my spiritual peace in writing, creating, making something that gives me the satisfaction of feeling that what I did counts to someone. By those writings I managed to get over the loss of people that had a great influence for me.

That’s what I name achieving peace, at least the spiritual one.





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