CARLA ROGNA: State of the planet

The movie “Before the Flood” presents the catastrophic effects of pollution, of human activities on nature, the carbon print, and solutions for these problems. The main character of the documentary is the famous Leonardo Di Caprio who was named “The United Nations Messenger of Peace” by the secretary general.


Still picture from the movie (Narcisa Dărăban)

He established his foundation with the mission of protecting the world’s last wild places in 1998. In 2007 he created and produced “The 11th Hour”, a documentary film on the state of the natural environment.

We all know that global warming is a major problem of the planet, caused by the carbon footprint of the individuals. We know that this is produced by fossil fuels, deforestation, methane emissions, these being the main factors that result in global warming. Almost everything that modern world does leads to climate change.

Leonardo travelled all over the world to see with his own eyes the destructive actions of humanity and he discovered amazing places which somewhere near in the future will be seriously damaged or even completely destroyed: “In 2040 you will be able to sail over the North Pole. We are burning so many fossil fuels that the ice is melting.”

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