Pros and cons underground houses

Underground houses are innovative and like every other thing they have advantages and disadvantages. But in my opinion the benefits that this kind of houses have are more important than any disadvantage.


Foto: Narcisa Dărăban

Firstly and the most important argument is that this house offers a lot of space which you can share with your whole family. And considering that we are more than 7 million people on Earth, space will become more precious, and we need space for many useful things like growing trees and vegetables so we can eat. We can`t dry the oceans because we need whatever it takes to survive and these days we need factories to build smartphones, otherwise we will become 5 million people on Earth.

Secondly, the underground houses are economical because if you mount on the roof solar panels you have a source of energy and hot water. You may pay a few more for this kind of stuff, but it’s more efficient and healthier.

Read the rest in Paperless.



CRISTINA OLAR. Foto: Narcisa Dărăban


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