Social suicide or nature miracle?

An underground house is one of the most unusual kind of houses. Although living in a house like this could mean social suicide, there are lots of benefits, either.


Foto: arhiva logopaper

If you decide to move in an underground house, you have to know that it will completely change your lifestyle. You’ll have to give up on technology including TV cable, Internet, phones, electricity, and so on. Even the food will be harder to buy, so you’ll have to produce your own.

As I see things, approaching this kind of lifestyle takes a lot of courage and ambition, and it gets you closer to the nature and God. This is due to the fact that, removing distracting and manipulating things like technology from your life, stop eating only for the pleasure of the taste and start living a simple life without processed food and media may improve your relationship with God.

I also think that it takes a truly healthy mind, body and soul to do it. And being healthy doesn’t mean only not to be sick. It means a well-balanced diet composed of food which makes your cells vibe and resonates with your whole body, an open mind which counters the rules of our society and changes the perception of normal, positive thoughts, communion with nature,a life spent sharing love and gratefulness all around.

To sum up, I think this is the ideal lifestyle, and even if it costs us lots of things and comfort, it reminds us how to live a simple life again, being close to what actually matters.





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